Via - Rajepur East Champaran, Bihar - 845406
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Principal’s Message  

Dear Parent,
As an Indian citizen I want to be an important link of the long chain which is strong enough to bind us with the sense of unity, integrity and brotherhood. Being the head of an educational institution, I possess some vision concerned with my institution. I have strong desire to find my institution playing a pivotal role in spreading the light of education imbued with morality of Vedas, emphasizing the importance of games and sports, making the learners equipped with technical knowledge to move the key of success.
In this present scenario when everyone is moving towards towns and cities in the name of getting quality education, I want to appeal my staff members, “Let us make our school such an institution which  has the mission to cater the needs of migrating innocent children.” I want to prevent them from being deceived and bereft of their ancestral assets in the name of education. For this, my aim is to lift the institution from secondary to higher secondary level screwing all the required nook and corner.
To realize my dream of spreading education saturated with morality, I have taken a stride to open a branch at Sheohar on the persistent and incessant demand of the well wishers, local intelligentsias and education lovers. I extend my deep gratitude to them for reposing faith in us.
Besides all these, I want to grace my institution with a new palatial building having all kinds of modern infrastructural facilities which will provide a congenial milieu to both learners and facilitators for better quality education. With compressed budget and minimized fee structure, I want to link our institution with majority of the society.
I hope that our collective efforts will be fruitful in putting our institution as a model institution among all the DAV schools with your sincere co-operation and suggestions. Let us take a step towards making our future generation civilized, humane and benevolent, who can bring laurels to our motherland.
(R.N. Pathak)